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Often times we neglect our skin from the neck down!  No more skimping – take control of your skin with our hand & body lotion. We’ve created a lotion that is ideal for that shamed skin you’ve been neglecting! Hydrate your skin with our lightweight, moisturizing lotion that is ideal for all skin types. Sold in 8oz bottles.


- Crave a lotion that is readily absorbed by the skin

- Crave quality with vitamin packed with A, C & E

- Crave beauty without the harmful side effects (Paraben-Free & Vegan Friendly)


Oh how we yearn for that youthful glow in our skin! Our dull, flaky skin is aging us by the second, but not anymore!  We have found the answer with Crave’s fountain of youth, Crave’s Body Scrub. Sold in 8oz and 16oz containers.


- Crave an all over body scrub to soften and refine the skin

- Crave Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant used in anti-aging products to help maintain healthy skin

- Crave beauty without the harmful side effects (Paraben-Free)


Dip your toes, or better yet submerge your body into that warm bath that is calling your name.  You owe it to yourself for some true relaxation!  Now run and lock the door and jump in.  No one can bother you as your skin takes advantage of our beneficial bath salts that help remove toxins out of the body while nourishing the skin with minerals. Package yourself in in 4oz and 8oz containers.


- Crave a bathing ritual

- Crave salts that provide moisture for the skin, enriched with our nutrient rich oil blend

- Crave beauty without the harmful side effects


Their baby soft skin isn’t so baby soft.  Their babydolls and lovies may be a distant memory!  But pretending to be a princess and receive princess pampering will always stop your Cutie in their twirling tracks!  Keep their skin hydrated with our lotion that is rich in nutrients and void of all the yuckies!


- Crave fun scents tailored for your little Cutie

- Crave safe, shimmering fairy dust in every bottle

- Crave a pause button so your Cutie stays your little Cutie princess forever…oh to dream!

You can purchase our products at both of our South Tampa locations or online at

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